Advantages of Design Build

Building a custom home is a large undertaking; most people would want to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Rather than using the conventional method of employing the services of an architect and then a builder, a better alternative is to choose a design/build firm which fully integrates both services under one roof.

Asomoza Homes Design-Build has been building exceptional homes since 2005. By using the design/build approach, we ensure that our clients materialize the vision of their dream home within their budget, while also enjoying the process.

The following sets Asomoza Homes Design-Build apart from other builders.

• Total accountability:
A single point of responsibility for all aspects of the project including budgeting, architecture, engineering, craftsmanship, etc. This eliminates any finger-pointing.

• In-house design:
Because the construction team has been involved with the design team from the start, they are intimately familiar with the construction drawings. This allows them to quickly detect any discrepancies in the field, thus guaranteeing a high level of quality and craftsmanship.

• Staying in budget:
Our team guides the client to prevent over expenditures during the design process. The synergy created between the teams prevents unrealistic costs expectations during the design phase, because the designers are also experienced in the field of construction costs.

• Time savings:
Conventionally when building a home, selections and pricing begin after the architect finishes the construction drawings. However, these phases can be done simultaneously while plans are being produced.